Keeping You Safe

Patriot Fire and Security is a fire and life safety company located in WInchester, Virginia, and we are licensed to do business in Virginia and West Virginia. Our services include the installation of fire sprinklers, fire alarms, video surveillance and access control. As technology continues to evolve so do our systems. We can provide you with cutting edge technology that is cost-effective and efficient. Your safety is our goal.

Our Commitment to You

The fire protection and life safety industry is changing rapidly, with new innovations almost every second. Rest assured, we will keep you advised on the best system for your specific needs and budget. Our highly trained technicians have decades of experience and we bring that experience to every project. We can design your system with your specific needs in mind. We provide you with the piece of mind that you are protected.

Our success depends on your success

Throughout the years, the invaluable relationships we’ve fostered with our customers have helped us grow and expand. Our clients’ complete satisfaction and trust has been our greatest asset in getting referrals for new business. Despite the powerful technology the 21st century has to offer in the fire and life safety field, nothing can take the place of simple customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Patriot Fire and Security today!

If you are in or around Winchester, Virginia and in need of a fire sprinkler, fire alarm, video surveillance, access control or an upgrade, get in touch with us today. We are experienced with every aspect of fire and live safety systems and are more than happy to discuss your next project with you. Call us for an estimate.